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Get in touch for a first consultation. We will get to know each other and discuss your current situation and your personal concerns. We will explain how we can help you realize your goals. You will receive a detailed quote, for you to get an idea of the expected costs. After you have given us a definitive go-ahead, we will delve into the POZZIBLE world, beginning with the registration form.

Depending on the goal we defined together and your individual preferences or intolerances, we will create your very own nutrition plan based on the POZZIBLE nutrition pyramid. deinen ganz persönlichen Ernährungsplan ab. Dabei spielen individuelle Faktoren wie persönliche Körperziele, Geschlecht, Gewicht, Alter, Aktivitätslevel, Blutbild und Tagesrhythmus eine entscheidende Rolle. Dank meiner Erfahrung mit über 350 betreuten Kunden kann ich hier aus dem Vollen schöpfen und dich individuell begleiten.
Taking your personal fitness level and individual goals into consideration, we will work on strengthening muscles and shaping your body with a training plan tailor-made for you. Due to my excellent perceptiveness and systematic approach, I can quickly recognize your weaknesses and imbalances. My many years of experience, which include creating dozens of training protocols and assisting about 500 customers a month in my strength coach courses at the Balboa will help me efficiently get you into the best shape of your life.

You will train with me at the Balboa facilities located at Schanzengraben in Zurich or at GO Personal Training in Zurich. You of course also have the option of training independently at your gym or at home with POZZIBLE training plans.

Based on POZZIBLE Body Composition (using body fat measurement), we can determine a detailed schedule for you to change in a targeted way over a set period of time – according to the motto: lose fat, maintain or gain muscles.

Take your health into your own hands. Following this principle and depending on your age and starting situation, I will recommend that you have your blood analyzed by Medica, based on the stored POZZIBLE parameters. On the same evening, I will already have your blood count in my inbox, will interpret it for you and suggest concrete measures.

Dario Pozzi
Completely healthy, physically and mentally strong – at my age of 42, I feel stronger and am in better shape than ever before. I live my nutrition and training philosophy.


I already started working out with weights as a teenager and have intensively focused on optimal human nutrition in a scientific and evolutionary biological way for a long time. For years, I kept precise daily records of the nutrient composition of my meals and of my training routines.


Over time – nothing can replace experience –, you get a sense of what does and doesn’t work. In my opinion, separating the important from the unimportant is the crucial skill of a good coach, so that you do not lose time in achieving your personal body goals. Trust an experienced and analytically sound coach who offers up-to-date nutrition and training consultation from one source.

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