Dario doesn't find a healthy bar that tastes good. So the banker turns his back on the financial industry and develops the perfect bar: The POZZIBLE BAR. As a fitness trainer and nutrition coach he brings people into shape and provides guidance to those who have lost track in the jungle of diet myths and nutritional guides.
Peanut Chocolate

Vegan? Of course! The Peanut Chocolate Bar is the definitive proof that vegan ingredients and superior taste are not mutually exclusive. The sublime peanut aroma lingers on the palate for an endlessly long time, and the chocolate chips make the bar a work of art. Vegan has never been so much fun.

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Chocolate Chips
What a clever use of 100% cacao chocolate! Pieces melt bit by bit in your mouth and make you wish for the enjoyment to last endlessly.
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Macchiato Crisp
Full of finesse, a fine coffee goût runs through the bar. The maca powder provides an incredibly delicious caramel note. Crispy flakes come as small surprises. Fabulous texture. Pure enjoyment. It’s addictive.
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Vanilla Coconut
A taste explosion. A wonderful coconut aroma builds up on the palate and harmonizes well with the vanilla flavor. Spectacularly aromatic. You can literally feel how your body is recharged with energy.
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POZZIBLE Activewear
Simple, minimal styles that you can wear in your leisure time or at the gym for men and women.
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